Javelan Reports

I work to develop custom Javelan reports and can help you take your use of Javelan software to the next level.

Contact me today and tell me how you would like to view your data generated using Javelan and we can work together to vastly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the way these reports can be used to enhance your business practices.

Contact me today for a free consultation and I will review the way that you currently use Javelan or help you to introduce as a new system alongside your current software packages.

Customized, simplified reports for Aderant’s Javelan Accounting software.

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Gordon has helped us develop custom reports that put information in a format that’s much easier for our attorneys to use.”

Rebecca P. (Becky) Boone, Administrator

Evans | Petree | Bogatin PC

Memphis, TN

Example usage of Javelan Reports

Choose the Timekeeper, then click on a report for the results. Concise, useable information.

  • Matters Worked on Recently
  • Unbilled Time By Worker
  • Statements Not Recorded
  • Client Mail List to Excel
  • Janice’s item
  • Send Data to Excel. Where you can rearrange it, subtotal it, etc. Complete formatting control. Without having to involve your IT guy or the administrator.

These are reports I’ve written for existing clients. I can write any report you want, in any format you want, including creating an Excel workbook from the data. Contact me and let me see if I can help you.

For over 20 years I’ve been tailoring software to fit the needs of businesses. I speak both languages — “business” and “technology”.